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There was nowhere to go but everywhere,
so just keep on rolling under the stars. 
— Jack Kerouac

ETA is

Earth to Andre (EtA) is currently an award nominated freelance photog and journalista but it wasn't always this way. He once 

dreamed of becoming a roadie for Mötley Crüe but found another calling training hamsters for Hollywood. 

His wordily wanderings have taken him across the Great White North,  swiggin' away in the Pubs of Ireland, tossin' down coin in Vegas casinos, takin' a bite out of New York City, sun soakin' in Mexico, standing ovationin' in London's West End, roamin' the cobble-stone lanes of Paris, and being kicked out of the fountains of Italy. 

These days Ottawa, Ontario is home. For the last 3 years, the O-town arts scene has become part of EtA's DNA. He's been spotted on the red carpet at the JUNO's, pounding pinball to punk,  boppin' to jazzy beats,  contorting himself around bar speakers, suited up with the city's elite or lost in the crowd at a local festival. 

EtA has hosted Westfest twice and sometimes they even let him on the radio as a co-host on CKCU's Canadian Spaces. With his trusty camera at hand, he hopes one day to open up a martial arts dojo/bakery combo called Taekwon-donuts. 



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